Ostarine: The SARM That Everyone Has Been Waiting to Learn About


What Is Ostarine?

Ostarine is a SARM and was created or designed to be used in the medical field to help people with muscle wasting diseases, osteoporosis, etc. So it is a legal substance, but it is not supposed to be used for human consumption and just for research. Furthermore, Ostarine is not to be used if you compete in sporting competitions where there is drug testing.

Ostarine is one of the most popular SARMS

How Is Ostarine Used?

Ostarine can be used as an anabolic, androgenic, and estrogenic. First of all, it used as an anabolic will without a doubt help you grow muscle. As an androgenic, there with be a very low possibility of having those side effects when taking a lower dosage. Lastly, if you take Ostarine it will not convert to estrogen and you won’t get the kind of female problems associated with steroids. However, you can still get extra estrogen in your body. Although it is not converting to estrogen, your estrogen levels will go up slightly. When you take it, there will always be gray area since it is dependent on the consumer. There would probably be a 1 to 100 chance of getting some gyno from taking ostarine. If you ever needed to take anti-estrogens, then you would probably be taking too much since it won’t raise your estrogen levels that much.

Ostarine is a product that is good for your joints. People who take Ostarine will have better joints, better bodies, they’ll get stronger, put on muscle that’s not an excessive amount, and they’ll heal faster if they have any muscle injuries. In terms of dosage, since Ostarine has a shorter half life, you will have to dose it more frequently.

Ostarine is said to be relatively weak compared to how strong steroids are. You won’t suddenly gain tons of weight, instead, you will see differences within months of taking it. You will gain muscle weight four times as fast as you would without taking Ostarine.

The Side Effects

Well, if Ostarine sounds like it’s so amazing, then what are the negatives of this product? In general, Ostarine is considered to be very mildly liver toxic. If you do take it, your liver enzymes will go up. but they should be in the triple or quadruple your normal rate. If it goes double and it is not too concerning for your doctors, then you won’t be in a deathly situation. Ostarine can also slightly lower your good cholesterol, but it will always be based off genetics and your dosage. Again, only again 1 in 100 people will have this sort of side effect when taking Ostarine, but there is always still the chance it could be you. Another negative of this SARM is that it opossibly suppress your testosterone. It won’t be a lot, but again, 1 in 100 people could possibly experience this side effect.

Ostarine Dosage

Everything is always dependent on how much dosage you take and how long you take it for. Always start very low, and if you’re happy with those results, stay there. All matters are what your fitness goals are going to be for the future. If you are a teenager, then you should not be taking Ostarine at all, and you should stay natural for as long as you can. For body builders, the usual dosage would be about 25mg per day, compared to elders and cancer patients, who can take 3mg per day, encouraging 2lb gains. So again, it is all dependent on how much dosage you take and how long you take it for, so it is right for your goals.

If you are looking for something that doesn’t have many side affects, something that can build your muscle, something that’s relatively safe, and makes you feel good, this is the SARM for you.

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