Pharmaceutical Companies Developing SARMs


This post covers the most recent pharmaceutical companies selling SARMs.


Enobosarm, otherwise know as Ostarine was being developed by a company called GTX. However, they changed their name to

I do not see Enobosarm in their pipeline anymore. The drug failed its clinical trial in 2018 and their stock price plummetted 90%.

Ligandrol or LGD 4033 or VK5211

This SARM is currently being developed by Viking Therapeutics. According to their website, it is in Phase 2 of development, which is a good sign, much better than GTX’s Enobosarm. From what I can see looking at the studies on their site, this SARM is showing good results in lean body mass and no side effects.

Public company developing Ligandrol. If you believe in this SARM you can invest in it.


This SARM is being developed by Radius Pharmaceuticals. It seems they are in the very beginning stages of pre clinical phase 1.

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