S4 (Andarine) Explained In Detail


What is S4 (Andarine)?

Today we’re going to talk about the SARM S4 also known as Andarine. But before we get started I want to reiterate that I am not a doctor. I am not telling you to use S4 and or any other compounds that I discuss I am simply providing you information that I have gathered over the years and what you do with it from here on out is completely and utterly up to you. This is for your entertainment purposes only. That being said let’s get into it.

Intro To Sarms

Now as for a SARM, which stands for selective androgen receptor modulator. Now SARMs themselves. What do they do? They bind to the androgen receptor. However, SARMs create selective anabolic activity now compared to testosterone and other steroids. The advantage of SARMs such as S4 is that they do not have androgynous activity in nonskeletal muscle tissues. Now as for what was it designed for, S4 was designed for the treatment of conditions in muscle wasting things like osteoporosis and benign prosthetic hypertrophy in people that were suffering from things like AIDS and cancer. These were designed SARMs to prevent muscle wasting in these occurrences and to improve the overall quality of life for these people that were suffering.

How does S4 work?

Now how does of S4 even work? Well selective androgen receptor modulators as I pointed out they bind to the androgen receptor and they demonstrate osteo which is bone and Myo which is muscular anabolic activity now binding and activating of the androgen receptor alters the expression of genes and increases protein synthesis which ultimately builds muscle as most of you do know now SARM as S4 and others that I’ve talked about can cause muscle growth in the same manner as steroids. But unlike testosterone and other anabolic steroids are as non steroidal agents do not produce the growth effect on the prostate and other secondary sexual organs. Now SARMs not only represents a different kind of potential treatment option for a wide spectrum of conditions like muscle wasting but they also have you know that huge potential that we all know about for so many years for muscle building for bodybuilders fitness and athletes which many of them do use and have incorporated more so over the past four to five years than ever before. As the popularity has continued to grow. Now as for particularly binds to the androgen receptor in the muscle and bone to a third of the affinity of testosterone. Now let’s talk about just a few things that cite some evidence of S4 abilities just a few things that I grab to share with you now.

S4 Abilities

This was done at 3 milligrams per kg a day. So it’s not just three milligrams per day three milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day. And it was able to restore skeletal muscle and strength in castrated rats. And this is important and applicable for the treatment of muscle wasting and male HRT. Now there was also a hundred and twenty days study done that compared S4 and DHB or die hydro testosterone treatment in rats. And it demonstrated that S4 was actually able to maintain bone mass and bone strength to the levels of intact controls. And it also exhibited greater efficacy than the DHB did as well. Pretty sweet right there. Now as for also demonstrated the ability to improve skeletal muscle strength increase lean body mass and reduced body fat and also prevent bone loss. Now cutting is where to ask for truly shines and most of you know that. But if you don’t if you’re brand new to this S4 is mainly categorized on the cutting side of things. OK, now certain steroids are considered cutting things like win straw provable in Anbar. Now, these steroids don’t offer too much in large gains and muscle mass. You know when Stroh arguably provable and arguably good amounts but they’re not bulking so to speak but they’re very effective in leaning out the body and continually growing lean muscle S4 has similar properties.

So if you were going to compare a SARM to any of them, what would be something there similar to in the steroid world. Well as forward be similar to win stroller and far more so than anything. Now. I just want to make it clear that SARMs are not as strong as steroids. I’ve said that a million times but I just want to make that very very clear. S4 fits into cutting protocols on anyway with steroids you can use them. It goes nicely along with Winstone and Omar you can run it on your on its own other SARMs especially cutting cycles release pairs well with GW 5 or 1 5 1 6. As I’ve discussed one of the most disheartening things when you’re trying to cut through is that many people do sacrifice muscle. Now the drop in metabolic rate and hormone levels with a lack of calories is a perfect catafalque environment for fat loss but also loss of muscle tissue which most people want to avoid. Now as for has both anabolic and Andrew Jinich effects in muscle tissue so it’s not only going to help with that loss but it’s also going to maintain and even increase muscle mass while cutting and that’s one of the things people love about it.


50 milligrams a day. Male or female. Generally, females run at the same exact way as men do and that’s split because the half-life is only four to six hours so you’re going to split that dose. So it’s like 25 milligrams in the morning 25 milligrams four to six hours later each day while you’re on your cycle. So that’s something to be aware of. There is no concern for estrogen whatsoever there is no conversion whatsoever to estrogen so you don’t have to worry about aromatase using any aromatase inhibitors and nothing like that. Now, as far as nonmethylated there is no concern for your liver kidneys, etc. As long as you have real S4 there may be small amounts of suppression that you need to be aware of. It’s definitely not suppressive like a steroid whatsoever but there is some present. So you need to be aware of that. The main side effect that everybody knows about with S4 is vision disturbances. OK. Let me explain. First of all the side effects are caused by the Mone metabolite and include nighttime blindness and a slight yellowish tint to the vision for some users. This is temporary but let me explain to you something.

Side Effects

It can happen and it doesn’t happen to everybody what really happens when you’re changing rooms from really light to really dark or really dark to really light. There can be a yellow glare or tint sometimes for a few seconds sometimes for 10 to 20 seconds and then it goes away 8:00 at night. I remember people talking about this night driving headlights could maybe blur you for a second. So you may want to consider if you get the side effects bad don’t drive at night. It’s nothing permanent. And a lot of people that some people do get them they can’t handle it. Some people never see them if you first you can try to dose it five days on and two days off to mitigate that because in the two days off because the half-life so short it’s in out of your system so fast that tends to dissipate and then it builds back up during the week you stop dissipates. So on and so forth you want to try to go to that rate that you want to try to avoid the 5 on two hours you’re getting it every day. But if you have to go that way you can. Nothing’s permanent. You’re not going to get blind you’re not going to have any permanent eye damage or anything like that so you have to be aware of that because people say that and it’s simply not true.


But that is S4 for you. That’s the overview that’s everything that you need to know about it. So I just wanted to make sure that everybody had a full understanding and grasp everything you need to know.

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