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So today we’re going to talk about the S23 sarm. But first, I have to reiterate, I’m not a doctor. So anything that I say on this video is completely for your entertainment purposes only. I’m not advising nor condoning you to use any of the things that I discuss. And what you do with this information is ultimately up to you. So let’s just start by saying this. We know SARMs increase and help the body’s muscle mass and bone density. S23 is orally bio available so you can take it in pill form, capsule form, liquid form. It’s also a nonsteroidal derivative, so it won’t cause hormonal imbalances.


Now, basically, S23 is a very concentrated form of S4. So when it’s used correctly, S23 can actually help increase lean muscle mass as well as muscle growth. Far better than S4 can on paper and S4 is already regarded as an extremely powerful muscle building compound. Now there’s a handful of studies out there and only a handful. Mind you, that show that S23 is the closest SARM to anabolic steroids regarding efficacy. There are some fundamental differences. Now, unlike traditional steroids, S23 doesn’t decrease the prostate size or cause dangerous mood swings. Other user reports suggest that S23 is perhaps the best sample to use when wanting to harden muscles and to create a more chiseled aesthetic. But we’re going to get into that in a minute.

How It Works

How does S23 work? It’s often referred to as one of the big daddies of SaaS because of how powerful it is. S23 works by specifically targeting chemical receptors in the muscles to skeletal bone masses of the body. After being stimulated, these muscles and bone groupings are encouraged to then grow by utilized stored energy reserves. So studies have shown S23 to actually increase both lean muscle and skeletal mass while decreasing body fat when combined with strenuous workouts, S23 can result in like a grainy or muscular build and increased endurance levels to a small extent.


Now is it safe? That’s up for debate now correctly. Using S23 is a safe way to increase muscle growth and endurance through, SARM supplementation. Because of how S23 affects the body’s hormonal receptors, not much needs to be used when compared to other stars, S23 is extremely potent and it affects people in many different ways. Even under proper dosing. It’s going to be taxable in the blood and urine for at least 72 hours, if not longer. There’s no extremely definitive detection time. It’s important to consult with W.A. D.A. rules and coaches before taking S23 if you want to compete without breaking any competition guidelines.  So for this reason alone, it’s essential that you dose it properly, correctly and moderately. 


So because of how close S23 is to steroids, it can come with more side effects than other samples. That’s a guarantee. Now S23 is going to be extremely suppressive, which is why I don’t feel it should be even be grouped with SARMs. Because of how strong it is, it can actually cause a metabolic problem known as testosterone, shutdown or suppression. Unlike other SARMs, S23 sarm has been studied to alter testosterone levels in the body significantly. People who cycle S23 are reporting that they have extreme shut down extreme suppression and need a full post cycle therapy. It basically S23 is known as a male contraceptive. All right. Now, you got to think about that, especially some of these guys that are really young that are wanting to run it. This is just like running a steroid in terms of the suppression. It’s something that you need to be very aware of and be very, very, very careful of.


So some benefits now it can result in a lot of benefits. Grainy, muscular builds. Muscle hardening. It’s very, very comparable to something like a windstorm, maybe less. But that’s the type of things that it does in terms of muscle hardening. It can possibly increase stamina slightly during your workouts because of the anabolic effects of S23. You can expect to increase your stamina while taking them. And in fact, the increased stamina will be present even after you come off the cycle for a small time. And it can reduce water retention in the body as well. It depletes the muscles of water so that they can flush excess insulin and lactic acid. So the result is then dramatic water weight lodge, which could be a plus. If you’re competing at weight levels, which contributes to the muscle hardening, it’s going to offset muscle cannibalism. When you’re cutting. So if you’re cutting S23 can help mitigate muscle loss, you know, cycled through a course of S23 when trimming down and you’ll retain your muscle gains therefrom bulking as well. It produces really quick results. Now, because of how potent it is, results do come quickly. You can expect to see visible differences in as little as two weeks. Skeletal bone density can also increase. Calcium mineralization in the bones is also possible when taking S23.

So keep that in mind as well. Even though S23 sarm has more significant side effects than other SARMs. They do offer more benefits as well. So it’s like a risk versus reward.


Overall S23 sarm has some risk but a pretty good rewards. So if you want to do it that is your own decision. I am not telling you to do it or am I telling you not to.

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