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What is YK 11

So today we’re going to talk about YK 11. But first let me tell you as I do on every other post about SARMs.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not telling you to use anything I’m not telling you to do any of this. Anything of the sort. This information is stuff that I’ve gathered over the years.

It’s from personal sides of things dealing with people interacting with people forums articles everything in the above. So what you do with this information is completely up to you I have nothing to do with this it’s for your entertainment only. Now I kind of leave my opinion out of things in terms of the compounds. I’m just giving you facts on what’s out there. One thing I will say is that there’s a lot of YK 11 out there that’s not really YK 11 so just be very careful if you’re going to use this and make sure that you are trusting where you get it from because a lot of the issues that I’ve had in the past race and I don’t like it don’t care for it it’s because it’s fake not to say that there’s not real ones out there and if you get real one that you know it’s going to more hold true to the facts that I’m about to give you. So let’s just go from the top. Now YK 11 his group was SARMs kind of like MK 677.

We know those aren’t SARMs YK 11 is not on paper a SARM. What is it then? Well it’s a myostatin inhibitor so I’m going to kind of get into all of that for you like I said it acts as a really strong myostatin inhibitor in the body. And what that does is it allows you know for muscular development that’s going to far exceed one’s genetic potential.

yk 11

How does it work?

Now how does it work? Well, what it does is that it attaches itself to the androgen receptor. All right. And then it induces the muscle cells to then produce more false Staton which then is going to inhibit myostatin in the body which is then going to ultimately give you more overall muscle growth. So we’ve got to kind of talk about follows that and myostatin so you could understand what these words are what does all of this mean. If you’ve never heard a follow statin what it is is it’s a myostatin inhibitor that’s been proposed as the end all be all of the muscle growth.


All right. Genetics plays a huge huge role in this. It’s not just oh well they’re on steroids they’re all stories they’re on steroids. Sure.

A lot of them probably do use them to get over the top but they have to get to a certain level on their own first. And it’s just like you can’t teach height for like NBA players for example. Not everybody can be a 300-pound lineman OK. These things are just genetics. So just keep that in mind. So let’s talk about myostatin inhibitors. So you’ve got to understand what that is. As myostatin essentially keeps your body from growing too much muscle than what do you think of myostatin inhibitor does. All right. This is a compound that could inhibit how much myostatin is in your body. So it allows you to surpass your previous muscle building thresholds that you’ve been going through. Now just remember that this is really kind of theoretical. The science is there. All right. And there’s also no denying that you know the most muscular individuals have seen to you know contain a lot less myostatin within themselves. But it seems that on paper YK 11 can actually increase follow statin to a much higher degree. So what that means for YK 11, well that means it could produce significant gains in lean muscle mass that you probably could never get without it. So let’s talk about just the straight benefits on paper from YK 11 muscle hardening. You can have an increase in muscular size and strength. There’s not supposed to be anabolic steroids side effects. It can allow you to you know as I said. Surpass anything that you can do on your own in terms of muscle mass gain. There’s going to be an increase in that muscle fullness you’re going to have better muscle pumps and some people said it gives them more energy etc.. So these are the things to look for now.

Possible Effects

Now you can’t take about the benefits without talking about those side effects. I’m just upset that somebody would say oh it doesn’t affect it at all because you need to tell people the truth exactly what it can do. You can say it’s minimal. That’s fine. I mean there’s a big difference between minimal and none. So the possibility of liver toxicity is there. So don’t let that pass your mind. It’s so new that there hasn’t been thorough testing done on it. So there are so many other side effects out there that I’ve seen people say but they’re not definitive people saying they’ve been suppressed some far more than others.

I can tell you that from what I’ve seen and from what I’ve read is that people don’t have it hit them as a steroid would, for example, isn’t like taking them an Adderall or a windstorm or something like that where it’s going to slam your liver but it can affect it. You can’t just write on a website because you’re selling it. Well, there’s no toxicity whatsoever. It won’t affect you whatsoever because it can. Like I said it’s not going to be this crazy drastic thing where I’m telling you oh my gosh it’s going to just ruin your liver. I’m not going to tell you that I’m not going to say things like that. I’ve seen bloodwork. I’ve talked to a lot of people that have used it etc. nobody’s told me that. Oh my gosh, my liver enzymes were in the hundreds or something like that. Nothing like that but it can affect them and they will slightly be elevated. So you have to be aware of that.


All of these facts are based around that I’m giving you are based around the idea that you have real YK 11. So just keep that in mind. So that is YK 11 for you. I know there’s a ton of people that are always interested in it. I just want to give you the most factual you know summarization that I could possibly give you because there’s a lot of B.S. that goes on around there and a lot of people don’t address the fact that it has to be real this and this way. What I try to do is cover all the bases with you so you fully grasp and understand what it is and how it works.

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