SARMs Are Not Supplements


SARMs vs Anabolic Steroids

SARMs which stands for select androgen receptor modulators are not dietary supplements. SARMs have been around for a few decades ever since a Doctor from the University of Michigan discovered them. Not soon after that the bodybuilding community started to become intrigued by SARMs because of their potential to build lean muscle like anabolic steroids, but without the dramatic side effects. Typically with anabolic steroids use, a person that self treats himself will experience side effects. If a person injects himself with testosterone suspension at 300 mg a week, most likely they will experience increased acne, gynecomastia, aggression, hair loss, and irritability. However, with SARMs, like VK5211, and Enobosarm, the side effects seem to be not as dramatic. Even though some websites claim that SARMs do not have any side effects at all, we believe that is not 100% accurate. Like all drugs, there will be side effects. One thing a person must know is that SARMs are not dietary supplements.

The Supplement Industry Starts Trouble

About a little under a decade ago the supplement industry caught wind of a new compound called SARMs. Then some “bad apples” decided to take the SARMs powders and put them into capsules and sell them in bottles and label them dietary supplements. These companies even put the name “supplement” on the front of the bottles and on the back put the SARMs chemical name inside the supplement facts panel. This was far from being truthful and honest.

Getting Away With Violations

How did the supplement companies put an experimental drug in a supplement?

The supplement industry is regulated. Many people will say the supplement industry is not regulated but this is 100% inaccurate. The Food and Drug Administration regulates the supplement industry via the Code Of Federal Regulations for Dietary Supplements 111’s. The problem is that there are no regulations that say a dietary supplement needs to be approved or registered by the FDA before being released into commerce. That enable companies to take whatever compound they feel like it, in this case, SARMs, bottle them up and make them look like dietary supplements. Even though they are not. These companies do not care about the health and safety of their customers. All they care about is profits. It is hard to believe that a company would mislabel a dietary supplement by putting experimental drugs in their products, but this happens all the time. Take a look at the product below sold by a big-time supplement company called MHP or Maximum Human Performance. You’ll see on the product below that it is clearly labeled a dietary supplement. And at the same time, they are calling this product a select androgen receptor modulator. Once would have to believe that this supplement company is knowingly violating the FDA regulations for dietary supplements. Or maybe they are just very stupid.

sarms supplements
This major supplement company was selling SARMs.

The Flood Gates Open For SARMs Supplements

Once a few big time supplement companies started to sell SARMS and mis brand these drugs as dietary supplements, that opened up the flood gates for other supplement companies to follow suite. Next thing that happens is a several dozen supplement companies begin to sell SARMs and label them dietary supplements.

Total Disregard By Selling SARMs Supplements

Many people have no idea of what they are buying when it comes to muscle building products. Most people simply look at the label and the marketing and make a decision. Or they will buy whatever the salesperson tells them to buy. Supplement companies that were packaging SARMs into capsule products were putting their customer’s health in danger. SARMS are not approved drugs by the FDA. Most SARMs are still in preclinical stages of research and development by the pharmaceutical companies. One popular SARM called Enobosarm or Ostarine is no longer in development because it failed to meet its endpoint and then was abandoned by the pharmaceutical. Supplement companies did not care whether their customers did or did not know they were taking unapproved drugs. They packaged them up and recklessly sold them to their distributors. To make matters worse, some retail stores were selling select androgen receptor modulators as supplements and pushing them on their customers. Why did they do this? Profit!

Big Time Profit On SARMs Supplements

Money motivates most supplement companies and with SARMs the profit was huge. A supplement company could buy a bottle of Ligandrol for $10.00 and sell it for $60.00. This is a big factor on why SARMs became hugely poplular in the supplment industry.

The FDA Awakens

The FDA became aware of supplement companies selling SARMs and released a letter on their website warning consumers not to use SARMs as these are experimental drugs that have not even be proven safe for human use yet.

Here is the letter

The FDA Finally Shows It’s Teeth

After a bunch of so-called supplement companies started to sell SARMs supplements, one company emerged as the leader in SARMs sales. A company called Enhanced Athlete was rumored to be selling millions of dollars worth of SARMs per year. Eventually the FDA caught up to them and raided their warehouse.

Not soon after that a federal indictment was handed down. The owner of Enhanced Athlete pleaded guilty to some felonies.

In conclusion there is no such thing as SARMs supplements. The FDA has make clear that SARMs are not supplements. SARMs are experiement drugs that a few pharmacuetical companies are developing for human use to help them improve their lives. We have not come across any SARMs research related to enhanced performance. We urge you to use extreme caution if you are going to experiement with SARMs. Ligandrol/VK5211 is the closest thing to being completed in a clinical study involving humans. RAD140 is in 1st phase of its clinical study involving women.

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