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So today we are going to talk about Sarms bulking cycles. But I have to reiterate that I am not a doctor anything I say in these videos is for your entertainment purposes only.

What you do with this information is completely and utterly up to you and I am not advising nor condoning you to use any of the products that we discuss here whatsoever, so let’s talk about Sarms Bulking Cycles.

SARMs Bulking Cycles

Before we get into that and before somebody says anything about these cycles I am not going to talk about X 23 or LGD 30 33 as I’ve said in many other posts I do not feel nor believe that he should even be classified as SARMs. They are much more like steroids. There are very little studies done on them and I have zero comforts talking about them whatsoever so these will not be incorporated in here X 23or LGD 33 23 will not be discussed. So before somebody says well this bulking cycle with these and these. That’s great. That’s for you that I’m not going to discuss those. No desire no comfort whatsoever and talking about those. So those are not going to be talked about. So what would be the number one best evoking SARM with the ones that are left available LGD 40 33 also known as anabolic. That alone if you want to go and just do a single solo SARM only cycle that’s your best bet for getting the most size 10 milligrams per day for men. All right 12 weeks for females I would stick with five milligrams per day for 12 weeks. That’s gonna be your best bet. Running a SARM only cycle for bulking what would be your second best bet for bulking that would come down MK 2866 also known as Austin Pollock or RAD 140 also known as testalone. My preference there would actually be to the MP 2866 but it’s a very tight close race with already 140 you’re going to know a little bit more endurance a little bit more cut but you’re still gonna get some size and strength as well. Not that you can’t get those with MP 2866 we’re kind of splitting hairs here but if you got to pick one I’m going to go with the M.K. in that scenario. Now some people will look at the neutral ball and case 677 but that’s more or less there’s a little bit of water retention in that first month so it will make you appear to gain more size but in the long run, because it needs to run longer it’s very similar to HGH. There’s a lot more fat burning that goes along with M.K. 677 once you get past a certain stage. So in terms of bulking if you are thinking long term with it which is how it should be run then it’s really not the best because it’s going to be more towards fat loss and cutting. So just keep that in mind. Now let’s talk about some stats. One of the things that you’ll see me incorporate in a lot of bulking stats is, for now, S4 is not a bulking Sarm it’s more lean muscle hardening but the amount of strength that you get with this for because I am a firm believer that S4 will provide you more strength than any of the other SARMs that we’re discussing.


if you want LGD is a DMP 2866 and S4 it’s a little bit heavier of a cycle. But I’ve seen it ran a million times I see some people going oh you don’t need to do that you know you don’t need to but you can ask for men and women 50 milligrams per day. That one’s gonna be a split dose. So 25 milligrams of the morning 25 milligrams four to six hours later based on half-life. The other ones that I discussed are all dosed once per day. Now you can throw in GW 5 or 1516 Cartagena or SR 9009 instead of a bollock to any of these they’re nonhormonal nonsuppressive no side effects with them. And if you’re concerned about maybe you know controlling some of that what you shouldn’t be gaining any fat but some people will go well how can I keep it cleaner. That’s a great way to keep it cleaner and you’re not going to sacrifice size or muscle running these.

I know they’re used for cutting but you’re not going to have to sacrifice anything on these they’re just going to help you with the endurance and an increased metabolism but you’re not going to sacrifice muscle here. All right. In fact, your performance is going to go up which can, in fact, help you to build more. That’s going to come down to how you eat. OK. If you’re eating below maintenance and running something that’s for cutting. You might sacrifice a little muscle. The beauty about Sarm is they’re designed to prevent muscle wastage. So even eating at a deficit you can get away with a lot without sacrificing muscle and size. So keep that in mind as well. but you know the simplest way to do a Sarms Bulking cycles would be to go with two or three and LGD 433 is always gonna be there and then either M.K. 2866 and or RD 140 Test alone you can always add another thing you could go LGD with MJ 2866 and as for or with already 140 in S4 and it’s still going to be a great bulking cycle. Trust me and in fact LGD, RAD and S4 would be tremendous absolutely tremendous. But remember these are best ran at 12 weeks a lot of times it takes 8 weeks to even peak so 12 weeks is really where you would want to stay.

Week Cycles

I see people running for week cycles. I feel it’s a waste of time and money, to be honest with you. You’re leaving so much on the table and not getting anywhere near your money’s worth out of it. If you’re going to spend the money you might as well run it right and run it the whole way through. But that’s up to you. So there’s your service bulking cycles for men and women I gave you the dosing the length what to expect etc. So I’ve covered each individual psalm in detail on all of their qualities let’s just run through it really quickly. LGD best use for bulking and strength. M.K. 2866 healing effects strength lean muscle gain performance enhancement with all these already 140 endurance cutting yet strength and size and S4 is also gonna it’s gonna be good for your prostate as well. Keep that in mind. But as for you’re gonna have strength muscle hardening then the strength is gonna be extremely strong GW 501516 XR 9009 endurance-boosting you’re going to have that increase in metabolism a GW 5 fiber 1516 is also going to be great for helping with cholesterol and blood pressure as well and as our nine thousand nine sure won’t hurt with blood pressure and also cortisol control with GW 501516 


And just remember that endurance gain is going to allow you to do so much more on a cycle which is always a benefit. So and if you’re looking for a good place to go. people ask me all the time. That’s the place that I would recommend at this point where I know that the quality is excellent. What you’re getting. But that’s my recommendation just in case somebody asks.

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