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Today we’re going to talk about SR 9009. But before we get started I have to reiterate I am not a doctor, anything that I say is for your entertainment purposes only I’m not advising nor telling you to use any of the things that we discuss here whatsoever and what you do with this information is completely up to you.

sr 9009

SR 9009

So you know the mere mention of SARM anymore gets people to talk and excited several different things are going on. All right SARM is basically bridging the void now between anabolic steroids and bodybuilding supplements. So you know let’s take SR 9009 for example here.

It’s also called Stenabolic. Now SR 9009 is often packaged and sold as a SARM which we know is a selective androgen receptor modulator when in reality here SR 9009 is not a SARM and I’ve said this several times we group it with SARM I’ll even say it’s a SARM. You know and talking on forums and stuff but oftentimes I will remind people it’s not actually a SARM it’s a reverb Beta Agonist. Now knowing the difference between the two is going to allow you to add SR 9009 to anything you’re doing to stack maximize fat burning and muscle building effects that it has on the body.

What is it?

So what is it? As I said it’s a reverb Beta Agonist. So in simple terms as I’m sure many of you don’t know what that is.

It binds itself to the reverb protein molecule and from there what it does is it activates and it amplifies its effects and it sets off a series of actions within your body. Now the most desirable amongst you know which are its ability to increase the production of new mitochondria while actually discarding the worn out mitochondria and its ability to then boost your metabolism even when you do not exercise, I’m going to get into that later. So think of this as a body that’s burning fat even when you’re doing absolutely nothing. I know that’s appealing to everybody out there because there are so many people out there that want magic in a bottle and don’t confuse that. That’s what it’s designed for but I’m not telling you to do that. I’m also not advising it nor my advocating it nor am I saying that that that’s going to happen. That’s what the intent was when it was designed. All right. It was actually first developed by Professor Thomas Burris from the Scripps Research Institute. And for this reason, you’re probably going to see it labeled as a research drug or chemical. So that’s really where the confusion comes from about its connection with psalms. So while most of the initial research was conducted on mice the findings out there were so good that it was actually nicknamed “exercise in a bottle” by Burrus himself. Now when you have claims like that being thrown around the bodybuilding community is then going to come you know after it sooner or later and so are people out there that think that there’s magic in a bottle.


You know there was a lot of research done. Yes. And SR 9009 made it to the ranks of one of the most widely used you know things out there. I just want to explain something to you real quick and I don’t mean to get off base here or ramble on but I don’t condone or advocate anybody thinking they’re going to take something and do nothing and get something out of it. Is it possible yes to a small extent. All right. I’m not going to sit here and say that oh it’s not possible is not possible Zavos because I’m sure that I’m gonna get some ridiculous comments below. Well, I did this. Didn’t do anything. Well, maybe you did. But long term capability wise and for you know just anyone out there thinking that’s possible that’s not possible you’re not just going to sit on your butt eat a bunch of garbage takes something and just all of a sudden wake up and be in shape and fit and everything else it’s not how it works. There are things out there that can help you like maybe to fix metabolism likes our nine thousand nine hundred. That doesn’t you know translate to Oh I’m just in shape now and edited. I just wanna make that clear before I even go on. So SR 9009 has a really really short half-life right about four hours. I always explain this to people. So it’s definitely something that you can take before a workout. It’s why I always tell you to split the dose throughout the day. You know if you take a dose maybe an hour before your workout you might have some more energy for your cardio more strength to lift weights less fatigue faster recovery but it’s split throughout the day so obviously, you’re not going to take the whole dose right before your workout, now doses can vary to 20 to 40 milligrams. Generally, you’ll see what I’m talking to people I recommend them to go about 30 milligrams per day. But you know that’s really where your comfort level is you can start a little bit lower and see how it goes but you know from what I’ve experienced over all these years and seen 30 milligrams is a sweet spot in a lot of people do enjoy 40 milligrams as well. And it works very well when you stack it with other Psalms OK. Or an anabolic cycles whatever but it does things like this they always work well on their own but then when you start stacking them they work even better obviously you don’t want to stack 50 different things but certain stacks will definitely really show more because you know even if you throw us out 9000 and a bulking cycle and you’re getting some kind of like you know unclean gains. Well, that can maybe help you to clean it up a little bit or keep you on the right path while still gaining size in the process. It’s not like you take this with a bulking cycle and then you all of a sudden you’re not going to bulk anymore. That’s not the case but it could help to mitigate some unwanted gain.


So let’s start with stamina which is why most people tend to use it or gravitate towards it, SR 9009 is going to increase the oxidation of glucose within your skeletal muscle which then translate into more endurance and stamina for people out there they’re using it. If you’re a marathoner, for example, it’s going to allow you to go for longer distances without getting tired. All right. If you really like high-intensity interval training which a lot of people do it’s going to allow you to go full steam for a much longer time frame and think about this to people forget about muscular endurance so lifting weights, you’re going to be able to be a lot quicker recovery be able to go a lot more and that’s great for powerlifters too because powerlifters you’re exerting a ton of energy which is why you’ve got to take so long in between rest. But if you’ve got more explosion you’re recovering faster man that’s going to also help you in that aspect as well. It’s not just for people aiming to lose weight or for you know cardio endurance because muscular endurance is a big deal that people often overlook. And we’ve got fat loss so there is an increased metabolic response and glucose oxidation which allows your body to actually tap into the stubborn fat reserves that you’re holding onto at the same time you don’t get winded which is what typically occurs when you’re on a calorie deficit. This makes as our nine thousand nine. One of the best fat loss enhancers to use when you’re cutting. Rodney here’s another one that people generally don’t talk about with SR 9009 reduced inflammation.


Your soreness reduces greatly as SR 9009 actually amplifies the removal of worn out mitochondria. And then it stimulates the production of new ones. If you’re struggling with poor lipid levels then you’re actually going to be amazed to know that SR 9009 has actually shown to reduce triglyceride and total cholesterol levels in mice within just 10 days. Now if you’re on a heavy steroids cycle it can wreak havoc on your cholesterol levels at a sort of five thousand nine to this stack and you’re going to negate some of the damage that’s done. All right. So that’s really S.R. nine thousand nine for each side effect wise. Look it’s not approved all right by the FDA or anything else. All right. So keep that in mind. And it does not alter your hormonal profile as steroids do. It’s not toxic. It’s not going to convert to estrogen. There are no known side effects out there that anybody’s reported. All right. Although I wouldn’t push it. Look you never want to go overboard because more is not always better. There’s always this law of diminishing returns and there are certain circumstances that you get to where you’re just not going to gain anymore and you can have adverse effects you know.

Don’t Overdo It

There is a reason dosages were set because that’s where people’s you know have shown that that’s where they get the max you know results in going higher may incur some adverse effects that may not do anything else for you. And there’s no known you know evidence out there that they could tell you what could happen if you go too high. So don’t be ridiculous don’t think well I could just run this as high as I want. I’m going to get whatever I want. That’s not how things work. There’s some. Most of you guys out there I don’t even have to say that to because you use your head and have there are always people that want to challenge that and risk learning the hard way. Well, you said there are no side effects. I did say that when you’re using it properly. OK. There’s a big difference. So use your head.

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